Investigative Services

Each Professional Investigative Service is designed to fit your needs and budget.

Are you seeking investigative services for a domestic, corporate, or legal concern? 3D SIS offers private investigation in each area.

The standard rate of investigations is $65 per hour/per investigator.

Complex cases may require a $500 retainer fee.

Legal Process Service is $40 per hour (2 hour minimum).

Surveillance is billed at $65 per hour with weekly rates available (Call for an estimate).

Documents, recordings, photographs, copies, transcriptions, and phone calls are included in estimate.

Investigations outside Bernalillo, Santa Fe, and Valencia Counties will be billed at the standard GSA rate of .535 per mile and a $50 per day Per Diem.

Case integrity and confidentiality is our commitment to our clients. 3D SIS will transfer all original documents to our clients once the investigation is completed. 3D SIS will only retain a copy of the Report of Investigation (ROI) which will not be released to anyone other than the contracting client or for legal presentation in court.

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