Detect, Deter, Defend

Professional Investigations by Professional Investigators

As standard law enforcement support is becoming limited these days, private investigators may be hired to conduct a variety of services. 3D Security Investigative Services works with law enforcement in an attempt to ease the burden of investigative tasks in the areas of:

  • Employment Background (Tailored to level needed)
  • Infidelity Cases
  • Loss Prevention Consultation
  • Civil Process Service
  • Business Internal Theft and Fraud
  • Hostile Work Environment Cases
  • Legal Fact Finding Investigations
  • Personnel Interviews
  • Surveillance
  • General Investigations
  • Personal Protection

The service requested will be tailored with an investigator who has expertise in that field. All investigations are considered confidential.

Upon completion of the investigation, the client will be provided with a detailed Report of Investigation (ROI), digital interviews and transcriptions, and all original evidence in support of the investigation.

3D SIS will not retain any information once the investigation is complete.

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